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What exactly is DAM?

Digital Asset Management

An online digital file storage solution with intelligent archiving, retrieval and distribution facilities.

Your business would benefit from a DAM solution if you have a large quantity of images, videos or other digital files that you need to store securely, find quickly and distribute to colleagues or other end users with ease.

Who needs a DAM?

Typical users of our DAM solutions fall into two basic categories:

Corporate, charity, government & creative

For these organizations we can create a central cloud based repository. Here they can securely store key files such as photos, videos, presentations and design files, produced throughout the organization, and retrieve them easily for reuse.
Access levels control what staff, partners and accredited users can view, request or download.

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Commercial image, audio, & footage libraries

To help these clients handle the rights sales for thousands of high resolution files we have created a cloud based solution with streamlined uploading, cataloguing, rights management, comprehensive searching and efficient distribution features.
Online pricing and full e-commerce facilities are also available.

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Why our DAM is so good

We understand exactly what you need your software to do, because at CiT Digital we offer outsourced collection management as well as software solutions.
This means that our collections administration team use our own solution, iMediaflow®, every day and give constant feedback to the software development team on how to streamline existing features as well as coming up with great new innovations to introduce.

What is iMediaflow?

iMediaflow® is an end-to-end Digital Asset Management software solution for any size and type of organization. It takes users from uploading through to cataloguing, then to searching and sharing assets. iMediaflow® can store audio, video, images and document files along with any other standard digital file type. It is a browser based solution which is Bootstrap compliant so users are able to access any of the features from any device (with internet access) from anywhere in the world 24/7.
Each of our clients has their own branded version of the solution, which has been tailored to their individual requirements and is protected by encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and two-factor authentication.
Take a look at the features iMediaflow® offers:


Need additional help?

If you need more help we can provide consultancy services which will take this process further such as:
  • Creating a consolidated list of solution requirements and a software comparison plan together with assessment criteria. Also suitable for tender documents.
  • Collection assessment of the commercial viability of assets focusing on rights, content quality and market interest.
  • Reviewing the assets you have and how they are currently stored and devising an action plan to pull these together as a cohesive collection.
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