Our expert staff can provide a range of industry related services either as part of a broader service, or on an ad hoc basis…


stack Metadata Management

Locating files quickly and efficiently is essential to the success of the archive, accurate and consistent application of metadata is the way to achieve this.

With many years of experience in this area our metadata experts can work with you to create your own Controlled Vocabulary which is used during the cataloguing process to ensure all that contributors use uniform language whilst ensuring the relevant keywords/synonyms are selected. The same tree word structure can be used to search for files on the web front end.

tick Quality Assessment

We have developed an automated image QA system which checks various criteria including uncompressed file size, colour profile and file type to ensure that they match the criteria established by the client and will disallow files that do not conform. This integrated approach to QA means you don’t have to rely on additional processes of software to assess the quality of your submissions received. In addition, CiT Image Technicians perform full image QA, opening and checking the selected files at 100%.

In order to ensure that files are properly catalogued we also perform quality checks on the metadata relating to each file and check that all relevant permissions and releases are in place.

suit Consultancy

With many years of experience in this specialist area, our team can offer advice on the best way forward for your collection. We are happy to give an unbiased opinion on matters such as commercial viability, options to consolidate a collection and data transfer from one system to another.

Our expertise includes the complex area of rights management, where we can discuss with you the means by which you can protect your organisation from copyright breeches.

scanner Scanning

We provide high end scanning and retouching services using top of the range equipment run by our experienced image technicians.

  • Transparencies from 35mm-large format 5×4.
  • Prints and Artwork up to A2
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