The administration of the library is browser based, enabling administrators to log into the secure area and monitor all aspects of the process in real-time from any device with internet access. The connection will be over an encrypted link using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The system also supports two-factor authentication for increased security. Administrators are able to access all areas of the site and are responsible for such tasks as:

  • Registration approval
  • Account activation/deactivation
  • Allocation of access level
  • Setting an end of access time if required
  • Updating client/contributor details

The administrator can add notes to client accounts and can tag the clients by category, they are also able to look at client lightboxes, downloads and searches.

A dashboard facility that can be adapted to the requirements of each client allows administrators to keep an overview of the site. Typically, it shows the top ten images to be downloaded, the number of new registrations etc.


Administrators are able to access a series of standard reports that they can pull off within their selected criteria. All the data is available for interrogation, iMediaFlow ® is able to create customised reports to access the same data sets on a regular basis. Ad-hoc reports can be created by as required.

Usage and Download Tracking

Prior to download each asset is added to the shopping basket. Here the intended usage for each file is applied. This information is stored both against the image and the user and retained permanently. The information can be accessed by the administrator via the online admin facility where a variety of reports can be created. For some clients it is useful for a cost centre and account code to be added for internal accounting purposes.

Commercial Collections

iMediaFlow ® has full ecommerce capabilities. The Administrator is able to manage the main pricing for the shopping basket as well ab being able to set separate pricing for individual customers. Royalty commission for contributors can be automatically calculated on sales, and a sales report generated.

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