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Using iMediaFlow ® you can centralise, search, share and re-use images, videos, audio and other digital files types securely. iMediaFlow ® will recognise the type of files you are uploading and will handle them in different ways e.g. images, video, documents, audio, to ensure that you can make the most of all your digital assets. Features include:


  • For image files existing EXIF, IPTC and XMP will be automatically ingested and mapped to the appropriate fields in iMediaFlow ®.
  • During editing and cataloguing you will be able to view a larger version of the image files while applying metadata (cataloguing).
  • Thumbnails and preview images (watermarked if preferred) will be generated.
  • During download users can select the required image size i.e. High/Med/Low resolution (customisable)

Video & Audio

  • A friendly metadata handling tool can be used to map existing metadata in video files to chosen iMediaFlow ® fields.
  • Videos and Audio files can be previewed in an integrated player during editing, cataloguing and when browsing on the library website.
  • Users can edit video and snip smaller sections of the video to download.
  • At the point of download users can choose the output resolution/format for video.

Text files

  • Users can search the text within MS Word and PDF documents to help them find the right file.
  • A JPEG thumbnail of the first page of document files will be displayed in the search results.

During searching the file type of each asset is displayed with an icon indicating the file type in the search results, which can also be filtered by selecting the required file types from the pull down list.

All mainstream digital file types are supported by iMediaFlow ®.

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