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Libraries: Where has all the creativity gone?

It’s exactly what you’ve been working towards… web visits are up, enquires have increased, sales are climbing. BUT – Why is there always a BUT? The more sales you make the more invoices you need to create, more payments to process, more commission to calculate, more contributor sales reports to generate…

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Treasure Chest

Corporates: Is your Digital Content safe? Can you access it 24/7?

Imagine having to pay for everything with cash. There’d be no direct debits, no paying by card and worse of all… no internet shopping! So what do you do? You use a bank – we moan about them but imagine how inconvenient your life would be without one. Your money is safe, you can pay using your debit card without carrying round wads of cash. And when you do need a few actual notes you can access it 24/7 at the cashpoint.

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Corporates: The world’s your oyster

Business travel is becoming the norm, flying off to exotic and cultural destinations to network and meet with clients is all in a day’s work. Escaping the stuffy office to venture out into new places and experience the freedom of working in a different city every day, sounds like the dream life to me. But is it really as simple as that?

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Corporates: Go with the flow…

These days it‘s become the norm to overcomplicate even the simplest of things, you walk into a coffee shop for a standard Americano and end up with a king-sized caramel latte with whipped cream, caramel drizzles, amaretto crumbles, soy milk and egg nog – How did that happen?

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Libraries: We’ve got the keywords, we’ve got the secret…

If it’s not broken it doesn’t need fixing! – an old unenthusiastic saying that resonates a very strong message, it explains why over time we all get into a set routine and why we are so resistant to change, but change is good right? Yes, yes, yes, Change opens up new opportunities that will bring a spark back into your daily routine. Out with the old in with the new… a much better saying to live by!

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