Outsourced Collections

rspbIt isn’t always cost effective to employ full time staff to manage a collection in house: our clients find it more convenient to entrust the day to day management of their asset collection to the expert team at CiT. This enables them to make use of all the experienced staff on our team, taking as much or as little expert time as required in each specialist area. For each outsourced collection we can adapt our solutions and workflow to maximise efficiency and your ROI.

For The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) we have created a multi-level user environment enabling external clients to access the collection as a commercial image library with full ecommerce. Internal users are able to see additional assets and features as well as a separate internal pricing structure and the media team can create story sets for press release.

The RSPB has been so pleased with our collection management service that they have twice renewed the contract with CiT.


photographerUsing iMediaFlow ® individual photographers are able to catalogue and upload 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Using our browser upload process, photographers can catalogue and upload images 24/7 from anywhere in the world: their clients can search, view and download files for immediate use.

Our sophisticated collections management feature allows photographers to control who sees each image, whilst the User profiles ensure that appropriate site features such as single click download or full e-commerce are available only to the appropriate users. Certain images can be uploaded into the commercial library, available for all registered users to view and purchase online, other images can be saved securely in a private collection to be seen only by the commissioning organisation.

The advanced upload and image processing facilities such as automatic quality checking configured to individual requirements and funnelled cataloguing enable individual photographers to make images available to their clients swiftly. The cloud based nature of our solution provides the freedom to upload anytime, from any place.

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irvine bay

Museums, Galleries and Tourist boards all have collections of digital files that need to be stored, protected and appropriately shared. Special features for heritage clients include the creation of sub-collections within the archive, a 100% zoom on the preview and enhanced data fields to accommodate larger captions.

For Irvine Bay we configured the system to make a limited collection of images available for free use by any site visitor. Registered users are approved by the administrator who allocates a user level and type giving them access to the right files, holding back other assets for use by users with higher access levels. Download is free, but usage is declared and terms and conditions of use must be agreed.

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Image Libraries

asooraCommercial image collections have distinct needs with large numbers of contributors each with an agreed % commission. Uploaded images have different rights to be applied and protected at the point of sale. Intuitive search features and e-commerce facilities are essential along with effective marketing and reporting tools.

Asoora required a streamlined workflow from contributor to web. The team at CiT has configured the site to facilitate collaborative editing, sophisticated cataloguing and rapid upload, leading to an intuitive website which enables the visitor to search, find and purchase images in a secure environment.

Using iMediaFlow ® Asoora has found an enormous increase in efficiency and a corresponding decrease in time taken to maintain the collection.

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governmentCiT is an approved G Cloud SaaS supplier. We recognise the need for government departments to protect their assets in a secure environment and share them only with appropriate approved users. For them we can configure the system by applying a variety of user levels to visitors enabling each department to keep sensitive files secure and available only to key staff. Restricted use of other files can be tailored to include different departments, partners and agencies as required.

A database of approved images, designs, logos and guidelines ensures a consistent application of the brand identity, and the ability to tag usage restrictions in media files avoids copyright breaches.


keith prowseThe need to create a centralised repository of digital files is vital in a contemporary organisation. Many hours are saved in the efficient retrieval of assets, and the ability to maintain a database of approved images, designs, logos and guidelines ensures a consistent application of the brand identity. Efficient storage of rights managed media avoids costly breaches of copyright.

For Keith Prowse we have ensured that access to the assets is only available to registered approved users and that asset sharing is carefully controlled so that clients are only able to access their own material and selected generic media.

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world animal protectionInternational and regional charities need to save time and money by maximising on the re-use of existing assets as well as swiftly retrieving and sharing them. The creation of a centralised repository of digital files is vital to achieve this goal. For World Animal Protection (formally World Society for Protection of Animals) the ability to maintain a database of approved images, and other media is essential in ensuring a consistent application of the brand identity throughout its international branches. When the organisation launched a total re-branding CiT were able to quickly respond to their requirements creating a fresh responsive design within weeks of their request.

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