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Would you benefit from a DAM solution?

By offering permissions-based access to digital content as well as digital rights-management controls, a DAM helps avoid common problems such as publication of outdated, off-brand, or unlicensed creative assets. This helps improve the quality of your brand communication to protect brand investments and even mitigate business risk.

There are a multitude of reasons to invest into a DAM solution;

  • Saving staff time and therefore money
  • Keeping track of asset licenses to avoid costly legal fees
  • Keeping sensitive files secure and consequently protecting your reputation

That’s to name but a few, so which ones apply to your organisation?
Ask yourself the questions below…

Are your staff wasting valuable time hunting for files?

Give them a quick and simple route to locate them…
In iMediaflow® users can search for files using a variety of sophisticated features:

  • Keyword ranking – Prioritizes the most relevant files in relation to the search criteria.
  • Category search – Select from the tailored controlled vocabulary/taxonomy.
  • Boolean keyword search – Use AND, OR and NOT to refine your search.
  • Advanced search – Refine the search by combining a range of search conditions.
  • Refined searches – Search within a search or combine search criteria for a more refined result.

To ensure that users find files quickly, we can customise search fields in relation to your needs.

Are you able to share your assets securely with staff and partners?

Do your staff struggle to send large files to selected contacts?

  • Share ideas – Add files to a lightbox along with any supporting notes and share with contacts for review.
  • Streamline distribution – Use automated download links and avoid the confusion of multiple external transfer mechanisms.
  • Asset protection – Prevent file misuse by monitoring who sent what to which contact, including dates and agreed usage.

Enable your team to focus their valuable time on more productive tasks whilst iMediaflow® streamlines your file management and transfer processes.

Do you want consistency across all media related to your brand?

Are you in control of ALL the collateral produced by your organisation?

  • Brand Consistency – Build a collection of approved images, videos, design templates and logos to keep all your communications on brand.
  • Quality Assurance – The asset ingestion process performs automatic Quality Assessment of new image uploads according to your specifications monitoring; file type, file size, colour profile etc.

Set the bar for the quality standards within your organisation and maintain brand consistency.

Did you know that a breach of copyright could be under your nose right now?

Are you certain your staff are accurately using assets?
When you commission photography of footage, or buy it in from image libraries you are agreeing to specific terms and conditions?

  • Usage – Use your DAM to store rights manages assets with accurate usage permissions to avoid costly breeches of copyright.
  • Alerts – Add icons and alert messages to highlight usage rights and permissions to ensure that they are used appropriately.
  • Stay Ahead – Prevent specific assets from being used until your designated administrators have approved the usage.

As a long term provider to the asset resource market, CiT Digital has a wealth of experience in copyright and rights management issues and can provide you with advice and assistance in this complex area.

Do you want to keep sensitive files secure and ONLY available to key staff?

Can you be sure that appropriate files and features are only available to the correct users?

  • Access Controls – Enables administrators to manage users in a variety of ways to ensure that the appropriate files are only available to the correct users.
  • Variable User Permissions – Security is at the heart of our solutions, registered users are given an access level which denotes areas of the site they can visit and which features are accessible to them.
  • Restrictions – Any number of restrictions can be set up and applied to the different users.
  • Password Protection – Access to the DAM is protected using secure login and is designed to ensure the security of sensitive files.

User levels control which assets an individual user can view as well as which site features they can use, e.g. the ability to download assets, or the requirement to request permission to download.

Does your team waste time and money recommissioning lost photos and recreating missing design files?

Get organised and gain control of your brands assets.
With a centralized repository you can:

  • Save Time – Reduce the time and cost of content production.
  • Save Money – Increase the reuse of existing files and save the cost of recreating lost files or repurchasing lost assets.

With our sophisticated yet simple to operate system in place, you will gain full control of your assets allowing you to grow and build your brand even further.

Content has to be managed the same way you manage data; it is just as valuable a resource. That means you need to keep track of what it is, what it is called, where it is stored, what its purpose is, and its relationship to other content.

Ann Rockley, CEO, The Rockley Group –

So you recognise that you would benefit form a DAM solution,
what’s holding you back?

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