Dealing with digital files for a range of clients creates a number of problems that we have been able to resolve with our DAM system iMediaFlow ®:

  • Rights Management – with clients sourcing images from a variety of suppliers, it is essential that accurate records are maintained to ensure that images are only used within the terms of the of the agreed contract, and therefore that costly legal copyright breeches are avoided.
  • Client accounts – keeping each client’s assets safe and separate from other client material can be achieved simply by entering each client as a separate collection within the archive. This can be protected by a unique login for each client account.
  • Integrated workflow – using iMediaflow ®, designers can enable clients to conduct online reviews of images where feedback/approval can be given by several accredited colleagues.
  • Remote uploads – this facility is designed to easily manage multiple uploads from a number of different contributors, and continues right through the edit and cataloguing processes.
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