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Are you thinking of investing in an E-Commerce Library Solution?

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, improving the experience for your customers is the key to increasing retention, satisfaction and sales.

Your collection may be fabulous, your team knowledgeable and your pricing on the mark, BUT, if your admin software or website shopfront are under par it will always be an uphill struggle.Our solution can help automate your administrative tasks such as QA, cataloguing, invoicing and commission calculation giving you more time to focus on developing the business. While the web front end will give your clients a better user experience leading to improved sales and customer retention.

Does repetitive metadata entry create a bottleneck in your workflow?

Wouldn’t it be quicker if you could upload in bulk and edit by batch?
In iMediaflow® users can search for files using a variety of sophisticated features:

  • Funnelled Cataloguing – Add common metadata in bulk, then gradually refine the set adding more metadata as you progress.
  • Batch edit – Make instant changes to published image records by batch or individually.
  • Category Tree – we’ll create a bespoke taxonomy to reflect your collection, significantly speeding up cataloguing and ensuring consistency.

Designed by picture librarians for image collections, we know what makes cataloguing laborious and have created a solution that will iron out the issues and streamline your processes.

Do your customers have the ability to effortlessly purchase images 24/7?

Can they login to access their bespoke pricing in the shopping basket?

  • Instant price calculation – For a given set of usage criteria.
  • Individual pricelists – Created to reflect agreed customer pricing.
  • Automatic invoice creation – Sent to the customer as soon as the purchase is made.

Better for the user
Our shopping basket is intuitive and easy to use ensuring a good customer experience.
Better for you
The automated purchase processing in iMediaflow® puts an end to needless administration.

Are you swamped with never ending accounting duties?

Would you prefer to have all of your company accounts in one system?

  • Integrated Accounts – All website transactions are automatically incorporated into Sage One.
  • Automated Email Notifications – Keep customers and administrators informed of all transactions.
  • Automatic Royalty calculation for contributing photographers.
  • Syndication Sales Processing – Import agency sales reports and feed into Royalty Calculator.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Monthly sales, aged debtors, customer and contributor accounts at the click of a button.

All the specialised image library finance features combined with all the accounting facilities of Sage One. Securely login to access all your accounting information 24/7 Worldwide.

Do your customers’ searches bring up the most relevant items first?

Are your customers able to do enhanced searches effortlessly?

  • Keyword Ranking – prioritises the most relevant images in relation to the search criteria.
  • Advanced Searching – refine the search by combining a range of search criteria.
  • Boolean keyword search – use AND, OR and NOT to refine your search by combining or limiting terms.

To ensure that users are able to find files quickly the Category tree can also be used as a multi-faceted search mechanism on the front end – tick as many nodes as you like to narrow down your search.

Are your contributors able to upload submissions remotely 24/7?

Does your current solution enable you to manage, end to end all aspects of your collection?

  • Submissions – Contributors can upload submissions online 24/7 with automated feedback.
  • Online Edit – Review submissions online with input from colleagues.
  • Contributor Cataloguing – Allow contributors to add metadata to accepted images, making use of their insight and saving your time.
  • Rapid Publishing – When cataloguing is complete, simply select and publish with a single click.

Expedite the route from camera to search results and get images in front of buyers in record time.

Work from anywhere
With cloud computing, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work.

So you recognise that you would benefit from a new image library management solution, what’s holding you back?

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