Explore great features in iMediaFlow ®

We have built our software iMediaFlow ® as a browser based web solution empowering our clients to access and manage their archive from anywhere in the world without having to worry about installing client software.

iMediaFlow ® enables accredited users to upload digital files 24/7 enable registered users to swiftly search and download what they need 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Improve your workflow from contributor upload through to metadata tagging and high resolution download, all within the sanctuary of a secure password protected environment.

Full List of iMediaFlow ® features:

Browser based Upload
Multi-platform – office, home, abroad or on the move using mobiles or tablets
Supports all standard file types – images, video, audio, documents etc
Supports all standard video formats
Unlimited number of digital assets
Bulk Upload
Automatic quality check
Automatic embedded metadata ingestion (IPTC/XMP/EXIF/DC)
Metadata mapping
Duplicate file detection
Excel metadata ingestion
Bespoke Taxonomy
Controlled Vocabulary
Add any metadata field
Flexible workflow
Collaborative edit
Funnelled Cataloguing
Preview file and metadata
Multi-level uploaders
Multi-level administrators
Single click to publish
Edit published files
Delete files
Batch edit – update content en-mass in seconds

Password protected
Unlimited users
Multi-level access control
Unlimited number of digital assets
Branded Design
Flexible & customised layout
Permission controlled access to files
User display options
Rollover preview
Watermarking Previews
Auto-displays location map using Google Maps
Comping images
Thumbnail size options
View on any device
Search any metadata field
View video clips
Listen to audio clips
Category search
Keyword search or Advanced Search – (Boolean)
Facetted Searching
Enlarged preview
Image zoom option
Configurable file detail display
Conforms to Accessibility standards and WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant
Compatibility with older browsers

Email lightboxes
Unlimited users
Unlimited lightboxes
Lightbox notes
Image notes
Email download links to 3rd party
User level controls download
Single click download
Integration with Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc
Declared use download
Request download for approval
Rights management
Select output file type
Select download size
Multiple file download via Shopping Cart
Choose video download format
Video cutting tool – Specify video section to clip and download
Secure e-commerce

Manage admin users
Manage contributors
Approve user registration
Allocate user levels
Maintain Category Tree
Publish files
Browser-based Management
Generate reports
Manage pricelist
Monitor site usage

Price calculation for selected criteria
Plus (Picture Licensing Universal System) pricing available
Rights and Licensing Management
Rights Managed or Royalty Free sales
Contributor sales commission calculation
Secure SSL Certificates
Price items individually or apply to selected
Individual client pricelist creation supported
Online pricelist maintenance
Full invoicing and credit control
Immediate pricing and high resolution download
Premium image pricing
E-commerce with integration with any payment gateway
Sage One intergration

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