iMediaFlow ® is an end-to-end Digital Asset Management software solution for any size and type of organisation. It is a browser based solution that takes users from uploading through cataloguing to searching and sharing. It will store audio, video and images along with any other standard digital file type in a single searchable resource.

Centralise & Upload

Upload your media files from any location with internet access using any standard browser version via Mac or PC. Any existing metadata will be automatically ingested, the sophisticated cataloguing features including a Customised Taxonomy, will allow you to complete the metadata tagging swiftly. Read more about metadata tagging, Funnelled Cataloguing and Video Metadata Handling. After completing the metadata tagging make the files ‘live’ with a single click.

Secure & Control

Control access to a file by adding it to a collection, then make the collections accessible only to the appropriate users. Apply access levels to users to control which features are made available to them. Find out more about Rights Management and Security.

Search & View

Finding your files is simple using the Facetted Search available in the Category Tree, by keyword search with Boolean capability or Advanced Search techniques adapted to suit your specific needs.

Your site will have a Responsive Design adapting to fit the viewing device and as a user you will be able to customise your display by selecting the thumbnail size, the number of results per page and showing or hiding various features. To help with your selection, you will be able to take a closer look at enlarged previews for images and play clips for audio and video files.

Share & Monitor

Registered users will be able to create and share lightboxes of files or email download links to colleagues. Depending on their access level, users will be able to access files via Single click download, Specified usage download, Request permission to download or Purchase via secure Ecommerce.

System Administrators can control the user access levels, view site usage data and generate a series of reports, including Usage analysis, Popular searches etc. Read more about Administration.

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