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Auto keywording

Artificially intelligent keywording, the future of cataloguing

We know that computers can recognise an individual face with enough accuracy to satisfy the UK Border Agency, so we’ve applied the same logic to our cataloguing capabilities. We’ve developed the technology to enable our system to recognise the subject of an image and apply the appropriate keywords from the controlled vocabulary. Colour, species, fauna, flora and objects can all be identified so if you need to apply basic keywording automatically you can now do so at the click of a button. The solution is elegantly simple, you upload the images and the system will automatically apply keywords based on the visual content of each image.

Auto Keywording
Controlled Vocabulary

Controlled Vocabulary Builder

Make sure your staff and contributors are never lost for words again.

Using a controlled vocabulary for cataloguing is the best way to keep your spellings accurate, synonyms covered and keywords consistent. So we’ve created a category tree management tool which will enable to you to create and maintain a unique controlled vocabulary that truly reflects your specialist collection. We’ve tweaked traditional taxonomy to make cataloguing simpler with words allowed in multiple nodes, automatic synonyms and optional keywords. So whether you are an engineering company dealing with widgets or a pharmaceutical company dealing with medicines, our tool will allow you to expertly build a domain specific taxonomy around it. Should the classification change, there is no need for expensive reworking of the taxonomy, the nodes can simply be relocated to a different branch for ultimate flexibility taking asset tags with them. Our CV experts can help you to structure your category tree, allowing you to keep it growing in line with your collection in future.

Collaborative editing and cataloguing

Create a collaborative workflow with contributors and colleagues.

iMediaFlow® is a cloud based solution so your contributors can upload assets 24/7 from any location in the world with internet access. The system then allows accredited users to login online and move assets through a series of stages to fit with their company’s workflow process.
For example when the contributor uploads a new shoot you’d be alerted by email enabling you and your colleagues to login to review it and accept or reject the files. Each time you progress a selection of assets to the next stage the edit group would be emailed to keep them informed of its progress. When you complete the edit an email will inform the contributor which assets have been accepted and could even invite them to login to add more detailed metadata. Then as the assets move to the final stage you’d get a message telling you it was time to check and publish.
Using a cloud based edit system you can include contributors, team members and clients without the restrictions of location or time zones.

Collaborative editing and cataloguing
Funnelled Cataloguing

Funnelled Cataloguing

Speed up the cataloguing process with our unique expedited metadata application tool.

This feature was designed by image librarians, for image librarians. It allows you to catalogue by batch and eliminates the need to repeatedly add the same metadata. Add the basics first to all assets, then progressively create smaller and smaller subsets to which ever more refined information can be added. With overwrite, add and remove metadata options, the system is incredibly versatile, and the grid view gives you the perfect tool for final checking. Using this method you can reduce cataloguing time by over 50%, enabling your team to do comprehensive cataloguing and still have plenty of time to liaise with contributors and clients.

Batch edit

Keep your collection up to date quickly and easily.

Births, deaths, natural disasters, celebrity weddings and cabinet reshuffles are just a few of the events that send image librarians into a frenzy of re-tagging. To make this process less stressful we’ve created a versatile batch edit process where you can pull in sets of assets via upload batch, lightbox or keyword and advanced search. Cataloguers can add or remove categories and keywords as well as amend any metadata field in bulk and immediately update to the website getting the correctly amended assets into client search results in minutes.

Using the batch edit facility, uploaded assets can also be completely deleted or suspended, whereby the asset and record remains on the backend but is hidden from client view on the website.

Batch Edit
Video metadata ingestion

Video metadata ingestion

No more headaches with video metadata mayhem!

Images are easy, with recognised conventions such as IPTC, XMP and EXIF metadata can easily be ingested and mapped to the correct cataloguing fields. However until similar rules are widely accepted by the video community we’ll continue to struggle with a myriad of different fields with different names being generated by different cameras. To help with cataloguing we’ve created a video metadata mapping facility where you can ingest the metadata from the asset batch and map them to the relevant iMediaFlow® fields, then simply press GO!