Irvine Bay had amassed an extensive image library of c. 9000 images. The library comprises images taken by professional photographers – local and from Glasgow commissioned by Irvine Bay to document its regeneration projects, press calls, education programme, events and to capture the area in general in a series of landscapes and lifestyle images. The library also features a small number of images contributed by the Irvine Bay project managers of regeneration sites and examples of good practice elsewhere.

Irvine Bay

As each file can be up to 16mb in size, the library was becoming a burden on the Irvine Bay server, which would benefit from the images being stored elsewhere in order to free up space. In addition, although the images were being stored in a logical tree structure as per the town name and project title, the sheer number of images and the increasing amount of live projects meant that finding the required image was becoming over-reliant on the marketing manager’s knowledge of the library.

It was therefore decided that an asset management solution should be considered. Irvine Bay looked at a variety of solutions for storing, adding metadata (keywords) and searching images. At that time it was thought a local solution would meet requirements but it was likely a server-based or online solution may be required in the future.

Irvine Bay

The decision to trial a mainstream locally run software solution resulted in McAteer Photography being asked to add metadata (add keywords) to each image in the library in order to be able to search for images more easily. Having achieved this task, tests were carried out as to the feasibility of exporting the resulting catalogue remotely and importing the new data locally. Whilst this did work, it became apparent that an online solution would now be more appropriate for Irvine Bay’s current workflow requirements:

  • Marketing manager – to be able to access and download the images both locally and remotely
  • Project managers and other stakeholders – to be able to access the images, search by keyword, and download at a resolution appropriate to their needs
  • Graphic designer – to be able to access the images required for Irvine Bay print remotely
  • Web administrators – to be able to access the images required for the Irvine Bay website and e-bulletins remotely

Having been involved throughout the process, McAteer Photography was asked to look at how a cost-effective online solution could be achieved. This was a relatively easy task as, during that same time period, McAteer Photography had been investigating image library solutions for their own company to adopt and had the latest up-to-date findings to hand. They recommended CiT Digital because of their track record, expertise and favourable charges.

Irvine Bay

Sheffield-based CiT Digital is a leading supplier of asset management solutions for the image resource market. Their clients include RSPB and The National Trust for Scotland along with many other organisations for whom they have built bespoke image libraries and provide managed outsourced collection services.

The image library delivered by CiT meets all of Irvine Bay’s needs, and more. Modifications to the system are easily developed, enhancing the system further.

All Images Copyright McAteer Photography Ltd

Irvine Bay
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