Outsourcing your collection to CiT will enable you to take advantage of the individual areas of expertise that our staff can offer. We can manage the whole process from receiving new submissions through web upload to customer download, or we can just help you with specific aspects of your library process.

people Contributor liaison

Contributors are able to upload files into the edit process from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Our trained staff will ensure that all contributors are confident in using the upload system.

tick Quality checking

As the files are uploaded the system can execute initial quality checks, such as file size, colour profile and file type. Our team will perform further quality checks on the files and associated metadata, as well as ensuring that all relevant permissions are in place.

book Cataloguing

Contributors are able to apply their own caption and keywords as part of the upload process, CiT metadata experts will ensure that the language they use is uniform by developing a subjects hierarchy, industry specific for your organisation. Our cataloguing experts will ensure that the correct rights details are added to each file, and that suitable tagging is in place to control which users will be able to access it.

upload Web upload

After cataloguing, files are uploaded to the website via a single click, the time taken to get images from receipt to the website can be as short as 5 minutes. If at a later date they need to be withdrawn or metadata changed, the removal or amendment process is just as quick and simple.

suit Client liaison

Calls emails and web queries are monitored from 9-5.30.Our librarians are available to help users with their requests, performing searches on their behalf, helping new users to become familiar with the website and sending files via email and FTP as required.

money Commercial collections

For outsourced collections that are available on a commercial basis we have experienced sales and marketing staff to promote the collection, create marketing materials and build relationships with new clients, A secure ecommerce facility can be incorporated into your website.

camera Shoot organisation

Staff in our creative department are experienced in all aspects of shoot organisation from models to location fees and access to restricted areas. We have bank of photographers and other suppliers who can be called on to create the imagery you need.

image Image/film sourcing

Our researchers are able to source files from other organisations, originators and archives, negotiating favourable prices for your outsourced collections on your behalf.

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