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Digital Rights Management

If you buy images, video or sound from commercial libraries, commission photography or are given images by Partners you run the risk of copyright breech. You can mitigate that risk by adding the files to iMediaflow ®, where you can store them along with their respective usage rights and permissions to ensure that they are used appropriately.

As a long term provider to the asset resource market, CiT has a wealth of experience in copyright and rights management issues and can provide you with advice and assistance in this complex area.

Access Controls

iMediaFlow ® enables administrators to tag both files and users in a variety of ways to ensure that the appropriate files and features are available to the correct users.

All site users need to register to gain access to full site features, you will be able to decide which features will be available before login. Connection to the admin section is over an encrypted link using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The systems also support two-factor authentication for increased security.

Variable User Permissions

Security is at the heart of our solutions, registered users are given an access level which denotes areas of the site they can visit and which files are accessible to them.

During the initial configuration of the system CiT will agree with you the levels of access required, this would typically be as follows:

Type of user Access to view Download
Internal staff group 1 All images except media images All except media images
Internal staff group 2 All images except media images On approval
Press Officers All images All images
Accredited Journalists Press release/Media images only Pre-approved / On approval
Third Party Contractors External images only On approval

*Up to 99 user levels can be configured and applied.

Restricted Public Collections

Contributors can tag assets during the cataloguing process adding them to a Collection which will determine which users can access them.

Usage Rights

Assets that have restrictions such as application of Credit line, Territorial restrictions or Editorial use only, can be tagged to indicate what usages are permitted. This will be displayed in the File Information on the preview page and will disallow certain usage choices at the point of download.

Note: Any number of restrictions can be set up and applied

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