The RSPB’s fabulous collection of wildlife and nature images is now more accessible for image buyers and much simpler to use for internal staff.

The much awaited updated site incorporating the new brand id is here…

New features of the site include:

  • Responsive design – the distinctive RSPB branding has been translated into a responsive site to optimise the user experience on any device.
  • View features – Users are able to select view features such as rollover preview, sidebar inclusion, advanced search, thumbnail size and quantity per page according to their individual preferences.
  • Multi-faceted search – Advanced search facilities allow multiple criteria to be combined to help pinpoint the exact results required.
  • Secure E-commerce – Usage prices are calculated using a comprehensive licence pricing system in the shopping basket and can be applied to single or multiple assets.
  • Customised pricing – High volume customers can see their pre-agreed pricing whereas normal customers see the regular pricing.
  • Video – Internal staff are able to access the newly added video files, which can be clipped to the required length and downloaded in a variety of formats. Coming soon to external users.

For administrators and contributors, a comprehensive range of facilities creating an optimised workflow for online uploading and cataloguing.

  • Auto QA – The sophisticated uploader allows users to auto-select upload speeds depending on their internet access and performs automatic quality assessment of images according to the RSPB’s criteria.
  • Customised Taxonomy/CV – Using the Category tree creation tool CiT helped the RSPB to create taxonomy and controlled vocabulary that reflects the specialist collection.
  • Auto metadata ingestion & mapping – During upload existing metadata is automatically ingested and mapped to relevant fields in the cataloguing screen.
  • Collaborative edit – New submissions can be edited online by a collaboration of staff using the edit workflow facility.
  • Funnelled cataloguing – A unique time saving feature created by CiT to streamline the process of adding metadata and classifying assets.

“Through CiT we have taken a marvellous collection of images and organised it into a state of the art digital archive.”


RSPB Images
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