Selecting a Digital Asset Management solution is just the beginning…

You now need to gather the existing files together and start sorting, collating and cataloguing. Many organisations find this a daunting task for which their staff have little available time, and limited experience.

At CiT we have experienced Archivists who can take your disparate assortment of digital files from their various storage devices and create a single, standardised archive.

‘Through CiT we have taken a marvellous collection of images and organised it into a state of the art digital archive.’– RSPB

Creating a bespoke Taxonomy

We can devise a Subject Hierarchy / Controlled Vocabulary that matches your particular subject area and use our sophisticated cataloguing solution to create metadata for your images.

Duplicate removal

We have developed methods to eliminate duplicates and keep only the best quality file.

Quality checking

Our archivists make use of our automatic Quality Assessment (QA) solution to make preliminary checks of images which are followed by more a detailed QA.

Cataloguing made simple

Our software engineers have created logical means to extract cataloguing information from digital files. We can automatically ingest existing file metadata and/or information from spreadsheets as well as taking folder names and converting them into keywords. We can make use of image recognition techniques to match similar subject matter enabling us to re-apply metadata applied to similar images.

Existing metadata is automatically matched to your Controlled Vocabulary, our expert archivists can then apply final metadata to your digital assets. At the end of the process your digital files will be ready for upload to a Digital Asset Management solution which can either be a CiT solution or we can provide you with a suitable export for the solution of your choice.

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