Video Metadata Mapping

The endless variations of metadata fields make cataloguing video files a nightmare. So while we all wait for some kind of standardisation to revolutionise the process, CiT has created a Video Metadata Mapping tool to transform your video cataloguing workflow.

The concept is simple…

  • During upload the existing embedded metadata in each file is automatically ingested
  • On the left side of the mapping grid the iMediaFlow ® field names are displayed with their content
  • Beside each iMediaFlow ® field name you simply select the video metadata field you want to map to
  • Once selected, the metadata is automatically inserted in to the selected iMediaFlow ® field
  • Once ingested, you are able to edit metadata as required
  • Additional metadata can be added as normal
  • Single mapping process for batch ingestion

Video Metadata Mapping is one of many innovative solutions we’ve created to help your team to catalogue assets more quickly and efficiently, to find out about more ways we could help you to perfect your workflow call +44(0)114 258 2400, or email us on

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