Configurable Workflow

Configurable Workflow

iMediaFlow ® has been designed to allow the workflow to be fully configurable, allowing you to set your own processes within the system to fit in with your specific needs. For example, the submission of media for editing and approval can have many stages, depending on the number of teams involved in the production and supply. Once submissions are received they can be edited through a collaborative process and comments shared and reviewed. The stages can be set so that each team can have their own separate approval process. The user access levels can be set allowing the administrator to allow/restrict access at individual menu level.

Worldwide Collaboration

iMediaFlow ® has powerful collaborative tools which allow teams to work together regardless of location. Once files have been uploaded, the system can be configured to allow different teams of people to access and review the files. So a user can upload an image in the Melbourne office, then another member of the team tags metadata in Paris, and finally the manager based in New York approves and publishes the collection.

Quality Control

To speed up your workflow, we have developed an automated image QA system which checks various criteria at the time of uploading. Options include uncompressed file size, colour profile, colour spacing and file type.

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